Varnish Cache development news

Short update on activities in Varnish cache development:

  • Work is being done on getting access to the request BODY inside Varnish. This feature has been requested for a while, particularly by the security.vcl guys. See daf0e2c.
  • The 2013Q1 Varnish Developer Day will be held in København February 4th.
  • I had my request approved and got req.request (which was really the HTTP method) renamed to req.method. Hurray. 0e9627d
  • Martin is steadily working on a new libvarnishapi, that makes writing varnish tools (top, stat, ncsa..) simpler. Better filtering language, more stable and better performance. Or something like that, the details are still fuzzy. :)
  • I’ve been running varnish trunk in “production” on for a couple of weeks now. No ill effects in serving data to report. Works fine for my (minor) needs. One small note is that varnishlog fd/request grouping doesn’t work currently so you need “varnishlog -O” to get any useful output at all. The rest of the tools are probably broken as well. :)
  • On the stable side of Varnish, we (Varnish Software) have got some experience with 3.0.3 now. It seems pretty solid. Setting a backend administratively sick from varnishadm is useful.
  • The Varnish Agent 2.0 was released the other day. It is a RESTful interface in front of varnishadm, and lets you query/set stuff over HTTP. We will use it for our management tool (VAC), but it should be useful for other uses as well. Source and release announcement.
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2 Responses to Varnish Cache development news

  1. Marius says:

    Is there anything like a roadmap for future releases? Do you expect more 3.0.x releases or will the next release be off the trunk?

    • Hi Marius.

      There is no roadmap as far as I know.
      The HTTP/2.0 adoption is under way and requires a lot of heavy lifting.

      I’d be surprised if we don’t have more bugfix releases before trunk becomes 3.1/4.0.

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