Doing consulting work

I’ve been working as an independant consultant since January 2017.

I left my position as tech lead with Varnish Software, having spent almost five years there, knowing it was time to do something else. I’d like to thank Poul-Henning for his kind words in the Varnish Cache 5.1 release note.

Working on your own has its ups and downs (fewer interesting lunch discussions for one!), but in general I find it quite rewarding. I get to do different things, learn something new almost every day and best of all none of the politics I dealt with in Varnish.

This of course means that I’m privy of clients, and need to spend time to finding work. If you have something that you think will fit my skill set[1], I’m happy to have a chat with you.


1: (MSc. telecom, 4-5 years of sysadmin/ops + 5 years of Varnish Cache. See

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