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Detecting IP-over-DNS, part two.

As mentioned earlier, I did some work on detecting IP-over-DNS traffic as a part of my masters degree from NTNU in Communication Technology with focus on information security. My final method was to, and this may be cheating, look at … Continue reading

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den perfekte webstrategi

Clue (ordbokfolkene) har definitivt skjønt det. Om du er litt usikker på denne nymotens webteknologien, gjør som du er vant til og klem det inn samme format som du er vant til. Windows-vinduer er jo best practice på web.

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Detecting IP-over-DNS

I wrote my master’s thesis at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) during the spring of 2010. My assignment was “Covert channels in the Domain Name System”, but for the most part it is about detecting an IP-over-DNS … Continue reading

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Mutt folders in Gmail

Top tip. If you want to read email stored on Gmail with Mutt, don’t have dots in the tags you use to sort email to. IMAP does it usual confusing trick with converting ‘.’ to ‘/’, and you will no … Continue reading

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Omron V3TU-1K magnetic card reader

This weeks Sunday activity: playing around with an Omron V3TU-1K magnetic card reader with USB interface. Second (or third, fourh .. ) hand, and of course no drivers to be found anywhere. [15293.788217] usb 4-1: new low speed USB device … Continue reading

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