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Seatalk and the ST2000+ autopilot

I’ve been looking at interfacing my Raymarine ST2000+ tiller auto pilot with the other sensors onboard. The perceived upside of this is that it will steer based on wind angle instead of compass angle. This is nice on longer distance … Continue reading

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NMEA2000 and CANbus

I’ve been looking at NMEA2000 and CANbus lately. I’m attempting to reverse engineer the binary protocol seen coming out of the USB port on a Garmin GND10 network bridge, and that opens a whole field of new and interesting stuff … Continue reading

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PROXY protocol in Varnish

Dag has been working implementing support for HAProxy’s PROXY protocol[1] in Varnish. This is a protocol adds a small header on each incoming TCP connection that describes who the real client is, added by (for example) an SSL terminating process. … Continue reading

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Varnish VMOD static code analysis

I recently went looking for something similar to pep8/pylint when writing Varnish VMODs, and ended up with OCLint. I can’t really speak to how good it is, but it catches the basic stuff I was interested in. The documentation is … Continue reading

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Fresh Varnish packages for Debian/Ubuntu and Redhat systems

We use continuous integration when developing Varnish Cache. This means that we run our internal test suite (varnishtest) on all commits, so we catch our mistakes earlier. This pipeline of build jobs sometimes end up with binary packages of Varnish, … Continue reading

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Disable Spotify song change notification in Debian Linux

Recently Spotify started sending notifications to the desktop on song change. This is unnecessarily annoying and breaks my flow, so it had to go. (and since I usually just listen to the same playlists anyway, I’m very well aware what … Continue reading

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What happened to ban.url in Varnish 4.0?

tl;dr; when using Varnish 4 and bans via varnishadm, instead of “ban.url EXPRESSION”, use “ban req.url ~ EXPRESSION”. In Varnish 3.0 we had the ban.url command in the varnishadm CLI. This was a shortcut function expanding to the a bit cryptic (but powerful) … Continue reading

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Varnish Cache development news

Short update on activities in Varnish cache development: Work is being done on getting access to the request BODY inside Varnish. This feature has been requested for a while, particularly by the security.vcl guys. See daf0e2c. The 2013Q1 Varnish Developer Day will … Continue reading

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Anonymous contributions with git

I’ve been playing around with the idea of how to make anonymous contributions to open source software. Let us say that you want to contribute to a project, but it is not something you necessarily want to be associated with. … Continue reading

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Varnish trick: Serve stale content while refetching

Here is a small trick we recently implemented for a customer: The main premise was: No clients should have to wait while the backend works. If a request is a miss, give the client a slightly stale/old page instead, and fetch … Continue reading

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