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Announcing libvmod-tcp: Adjust Varnish congestion control algorithm.

I’ve uploaded my new TCP VMOD for Varnish 4 to github, you can find it here: http://github.com/lkarsten/libvmod-tcp. This VMOD allows you to get the estimated client socket round trip time, and then let you change the TCP connection’s congestion control … Continue reading

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Converting a Varnish 3.0 VMOD to 4.0

So we’re getting closer to releasing the first proper 4.0 version of Varnish Cache. One of the things we need to fix is to get all the vmod writers to make sure their vmod works with the new version. Here … Continue reading

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Building a Varnish VMOD on Debian

From the tutorials department, here are some quick notes on how to install a Varnish VMOD from source. This is slightly complicated because Varnish demands that a VMOD must be built against the same git commit (or release) as the … Continue reading

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Setting client.ip in Varnish VCL with libvmod-ipcast

I’ve written a new Varnish 3.0 VMOD called ipcast. It has a single function; ipcast.clientip(ipstring) which sets the internal Varnish variable client.ip to whatever IPv4/IPv6 address you give as the argument. You need this if you want to do ACL checks … Continue reading

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libvmod-cookie; simpler cookie handling in Varnish VCL

I’ve written a Varnish module (VMOD) to simplify handling of HTTP cookies in Varnish VCL. In essence it does the usual stuff you’d usually do with regular expressions, but with much simpler syntax and readability. It works by parsing the … Continue reading

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New Varnish VMOD: Softer purges / invalidations

With the new softpurge vmod you can do cache invalidation in Varnish that only affects objects if your backend is up. This means that you can purge all you want, and in the normal case everything works as expected, but if … Continue reading

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