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Varnish and Ghost blogging software

So there is a new shiny blogging platform out called Ghost. Looks pretty good to me. If you want to run it behind Varnish, you’ll soon notice it has the usual problem of setting session cookies everywhere leading to 0% … Continue reading

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Building a Varnish VMOD on Debian

From the tutorials department, here are some quick notes on how to install a Varnish VMOD from source. This is slightly complicated because Varnish demands that a VMOD must be built against the same git commit (or release) as the … Continue reading

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Setting client.ip in Varnish VCL with libvmod-ipcast

I’ve written a new Varnish 3.0 VMOD called ipcast. It has a single function; ipcast.clientip(ipstring) which sets the internal Varnish variable client.ip to whatever IPv4/IPv6 address you give as the argument. You need this if you want to do ACL checks … Continue reading

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Varnish trick: Serve stale content while refetching

Here is a small trick we recently implemented for a customer: The main premise was: No clients should have to wait while the backend works. If a request is a miss, give the client a slightly stale/old page instead, and fetch … Continue reading

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