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fdxread 0.9.1 released

I’ve released version 0.9.1 of my Nexus FDX protocol decoder. It does things like read .nxb files a lot quicker than before, handle USB disconnects/reconnects of the GND10 (when running), serial port timeout, and lots of other stuff. As of … Continue reading

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Looking for FDX data dumps (Nexus .nxb files)

I’m looking for data dumps containing FDX protocol data. Last year I wrote a FDX data decoder in Python (see Garmin GND10 unveiled (it is Nexus FDX!)), and with the sailing season starting there is some interest in improving it. … Continue reading

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Garmin GND10 unveiled (it is Nexus FDX!)

Mother of all detours; the USB port on the Garmin GND10 isn’t NMEA2000, it is something called Nexus FDX. That took a couple of weeks to figure out, hunting for NMEA2000 protocol headers. Always check your assumptions. Anyway, I’ve written … Continue reading

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NTNU sin kalender i Google Calendar

NTNU IT kjører kalendertjenesten http://kalender.ntnu.no/ basert på godt modne Oracle Calendar. I tilfelle noen andre har tatt steget inn i totusentallet og bruker en annen kalender, her er hvordan man kan få en iCalendar-fil ut av NTNU sin kalender. Du … Continue reading

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irssi-log-merge.py released

I’ve finally cleaned up and released my Irssi irclog merging script. Find it at http://hyse.org/irssi-log-merge/ . It reads two or more Irssi log file directories, usually found in ~/irclogs/ on whichever server you run your Irssi clients. If you have … Continue reading

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