Looking for FDX data dumps (Nexus .nxb files)

I’m looking for data dumps containing FDX protocol data.

Last year I wrote a FDX data decoder in Python (see Garmin GND10 unveiled (it is Nexus FDX!)), and with the sailing season starting there is some interest in improving it.

First of all it would be nice to validate the assumptions made by looking at FDX data from a non-GND10 source. There are duplicates of the data seen from the GND10 in different messages, I think this is the GND10 rewriting data to support some legacy systems. It would be nice to figure out what are duplicated and what is needed. Also my paddlewheel was attacked by barnacles, so I think all my FDX dumps have speed-through-water (STW) at zero.

When that is sorted, a possible next step is to start writing/encoding messages to FDX, to program an NX2 server. I don’t have the gear for it, so I probably won’t spend too much time on it, but as a matter of curiosity it would be nice to have. If anyone have some old (working!) Nexus gear they can spare or upgraded from, ship it to Norway for me to play with. :-)

Data dumps can either be extracted with GND10read’s dumpserial.py, or simply by saving a trace file with Nexus Race from Nexus/Garmin into an .nxb file. Upload to filebin.net and send me the link.

Be aware that I may bug you to go sailing with the log/wind sensor/gps turned off later on, to figure out data fields and what unit originates the messages. It takes some time and scientific rigor to get right, but it is as good a reason to go sailing as any. :-)




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