Report from Varnish Developer meeting 2015-12-04



View of Rotterdam Centraal from floorplanner’s offices.

Last Friday the Varnish Cache team met up in Rotterdam to discuss all things Varnish and to work together on ongoing tasks.

There is work being done on merging UPLEX’s consistent hashing backend director into Varnish. After a delightful discussion I believe Nils decided it should be called the shard (sharding) director.

Dynamic backend definition support is moving along and Dridi showed off work done on his new DNS based director.

Further on the load balancing side of things, Arianna is looking at gradual traffic rampup when a backend comes back from being sick.

Guillaume and Dag dug deep into the proposed specification for describing HTTP/2 in varnishtest test cases. This is a prerequisite for a robust HTTP/2 implementation in Varnish.

Github transition is moving along, with migration scripts and work from trac being worked on. It may be a while until Github’s API rate limiting lets our hosts do any requests again, though.

Martin and Poul-Henning spent some time discussing the object storage API to better support the upcoming persistent storage module being made by Varnish Software these days.


Varnish developers hard at work

Thanks to for allowing us to use their facilities in Rotterdam, and to Phil from Dyn for setting this up.

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