Varnish development news (Feb 2013)

An update from git:

  • Tab completion in varnishadm. (e6a88da)
  • TCP_KEEPALIVE is now enabled for all connections on operating systems that supports it. This avoids a situation where Varnish would keep retrying failing slow backend request for clients that had given up and closed the connection. (f91fc4d)
  • [3.0] The TCP_NODELAY patch introduced in September was backported into 3.0. This disables Nagle’s algorithm on connections, and avoids a situation where the last chunk of a chunked response from ESI/internal gzip got buffered by the server’s IP stack before being sent to the client. (ef5e9e0)
  • Default VCL now takes Surrogate-Control: no-store and Cache-Control: no-cache/no-store/private into account when computing TTL on a backend response. (81006ea)
  • Per took a stab at the documentation, rework underway to fit Scoof’s proposed new model.

We (Varnish Software) are looking for a junior frontend developer in Oslo, Norway. Skiing skills optional. The web page might not be updated yet, but please apply here:

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