Hosted Munin

New project; a hosted version of the munin ( server, running on:

Munin is an open source solution for collecting metrics from servers and plotting them on trend graphs. It has a simplicity that beats all other monitoring solutions I’ve seen, including super easy plugin creation for adding new charts for your application.

This is for you if you:

  • have a couple of  machines / instances here and there (for v1.0), and just want monitoring to work.
  • want proper notifications and trending, without doing any configuring yourself.

The idea is that you can spend all your precious hours awake on making your application run supersmooth, instead of tuning monitoring systems.

Pricing looks like will be subscription based with a basic free package (1-3 servers, limited #plugins, but quite usable) and premium package with more nodes and extra features.

We’re in early beta, but have room for some more trial customers.If you want in, drop me an email.

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5 Responses to Hosted Munin

  1. paolo says:

    I’ve had that idea something like 3 years ago ( ). And I thank you for make it real: just registered and received the welcome email. Thanks again! ( More “thanks” coming if the price will be low :-D )

    • Hi Paolo!

      Actually I think I’ve read that post at some point. Good influence :-)
      It is a bit simple and slightly buggy right now, but that’ll improve over time.

      Hope you will be happy with it.

  2. Just signed up, will start testing some servers with it.

    Out of interest, what stack did you build the site with?

    Happy to keep regular contact to help get it to the point where you can take paid customers :)

    • Hi David.
      Thanks for trying it out! I’d appreciate any feedback you may have.

      The frontend and storage (except for RRD data) is done using Django. The data collection is done with a libevent-based poller, and everything is glued together with zeromq.

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