obdtester.com ELM-USB specifics

I’ve bought a ELM-USB from obdtester.com. It interfaces the OBC-II bus found in just about all recent cars into a serial port over USB.

Inside the case there are two circuit boards: One marked “Generic OBDII Board” and one marked “FoCOM K-USB ELM-USB”. A pretty (an scaled on the client-side ;)) picture of the parts:


ICs on the usb board:

  • PIC18F 2455-I/SO, 0823V9Q
  • MCP2515 “second generation stand-alone CAN controller”
  • A82C250 (CAN controller interface)
  • 78L08A 8v voltage regulator
  • 9241A 4x potentiometer

One 160000M crystal.

As found on: http://www.obdtester.com/elm-usb.

The OBC2 interface, or at least the protocol presented by the ELM- USB, seems easy. Slightly Hayes-inspired, start with ATZ and then  01xx\n to read sensor data.

Why? No plan. Just wanted to see what that strange looking port in my car was good for.

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One Response to obdtester.com ELM-USB specifics

  1. Me(au) says:

    What is the serial?

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