Regarding the new “x people liked this” feature in google reader.

Why can’t I turn this sillyness off? I don’t want to know that “David” from New York enjoyed this posting. I don’t care about David, I have no idea who he is or why I should care what he likes.

I’ve googled ( :( ) this for a bit. Smart people have made greasemonkey scripts to remove it, which brings me to my second point: If I wanted to install software on all computers I use Google Reader on, why would I use Google Reader in the first place?

DEAR GOOGLE. Turn it off, or at least make it configurable. It is annoying and it draws attention away from what I am there to read.

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One Response to DEAR GOOGLE

  1. Tracy says:

    I so totally agree. I just lost something I was working on because Google popped up and I got a little confused. I HATE THIS FEATURE AND WANT IT OFF! Let me know, if you would, how to turn this annoying feature off. Thanks

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