Uninett IPv6 workshop

Uninett, the Norwegien NREN, organized a two day IPv6 workshop this week. About 40 participants from different universities and colleges attended.

I was there and gave a presentation on the status of NTNU IPv6 deployment.

Short summary:

  • NTNU has 1513 computers connected with an active IPv6 address.
  • We’ve enabled IPv6 on perhaps 1/4 of our VLANs, and see clients on 104 of them.
  • Our mail gateways receive 4.7% of inbound mail over IPv6, and internal relays receive 11,4% of their mail over IPv6. About 3 million emails counted, measured in November 2008.
  • Steinar Gunderson says that 0.260% of the computers on the Internet have IPv6 connectivity.
  • We have about 20% IPv6 penetration in our client mass, according to Steinars measurements.

The slides are in Norwegian, but perhaps useful to some of you; ipv6-status-ntnu-2009-12-15.pdf

The sad part is that (just about) only we (NTNU) had any deployed IPv6 at all. Let’s hope that this workshop inspired some other educational networks to enable native IPv6 on their campuses.

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